All Major World Cities List


A CSV list of every major city in the world. Use this list combined with the keyword categoriser tool to filter out irrelevant keywords or categorise against the cities in the world.


How to use

Use these lists to easily categorise against whatever the contents of the list is or to filter out irrelevant keywords quickly from your keyword research. 

Using the CSV list of countries as an example, follow the below steps to see how you might use this:

Step 1) – Using the country list as an example, copy and paste the list of countries into one of the category columns of the data form and assign it a priority level and category. 

Copy the forumla (which is just a concatenation) from the “copy to webform” column.


Screen shot of data form sheet


Step 2) – Paste the formula’s from the data form sheet into the keyword categorisation tool:


Keyword categoriser screen shot


Step 3) – Hit “categorise” and you’ll have a sheet where your keywords have been categorised against whatever you named the category as. You then can easily apply a filter to delete all of these keywords or leave them in your keyword research as they are. 


Location filter



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