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Every SEO strategy should start with keywords. A proper keyword research document will guide your site taxonomy, help plan internal linking structures, make landing pages more relevant and, sometimes, discover missed business opportunities.

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of SEO, but seldom carried out effectively. I’ve developed my own tools and methodology to make the process more thorough and efficient. 

Site Taxonomy

Is the structure of your site optimised in a way which reflects how people search? My keyword research methodology doesn’t just provide you with keywords, but identifies potential shortfalls in your site taxonomy.  

Product Opportunities

My thorough approach to keyword research leaves no stone unturned. In many instances I have identified unique pain points in the way people are searching which has allowed a businesses to incorporate new product offerings and grow their bottom line.

Landing Page Relevancy

My methodology will include keywords covering every aspect of the customer journey and map these back to key areas of your site. At every customer touch point, we’ll ensure your landing pages target the correct search intent.   


My Keyword Research Service

Having a detailed and thorough keyword research will ensure your site is user centric and your digital marketing strategy is well informed. 

My analysis aims to identify popular search terms as well as niche, specific “longer tail” queries. Using this research, I’ll provide you with rolled up insights that’ll ensure your site is relevant and visible when users are looking for answers to their questions. 

Not just for SEO…

I categorise the keywords into logical hierarchies so you’ll be able to use the document to easily create effective campaigns and adgroup structures in your Google ads accounts.  


My Approach to Keyword Research

I’ve developed and refined a unique methodology for keyword research, pulling from many data sources and utilising a number of different tools. The end result will be a document often containing between 10k-50k keywords depending on the size of the market.

The keywords will be categorised into 3-4 categories and incorporate monthly search volume metrics allowing you to filter by desired category and get a top level view of seasonality. You’ll be able to pivot your data to view keyword topic clusters and identify “easy win” content opportunities by topic as I also pull in organic competition data.

I’ll also include current rankings so you’ll be able to see your current visibility in the search engines. We can use this to identify “low hanging fruits” on your site as well as forecasting potential revenues dependant on your SEO strategy and budget.    


Categorised Keywords

Your finished document will often contain 10k-50k keywords all of which will be categorised into 3-4 categories. This will allow you to filter by category and get a more holistic view of given topic rather than focussing on just a keyword at a time. 

Monthly Search Volume Data

Every keyword will include monthly search volume data where possible. You’ll be able to filter by a given category and easily visualise which month(s) that topic is in most demand. You can use this information to guide your content calendar or Google ads campaigns. 

Organic Competition

Because I pull in organic competition based on backlink metrics, you’ll be able to use the keyword research to find content ideas based on how easy it might be to rank it. 

Current Rankings

I’ll pull in your current keyword rankings so you’ll be able to calculate your current organic visibility in the search engines and monitor improvements over time. You can also use this information to identify quick wins.

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Since working with Andy over 4 years ago, what stands out is his ability to mould and flex into the different marketing roles when required. Although an extremely knowledgeable SEO specialist, Andy now also looks after our Paid campaigns too. Something else 99% of digital marketers don’t seem to look into are the overall knock-on effects to the business, where Andy has an ‘open-eyed’ approach with a goal to benefit the company he is working with, not just aim to data and stats which don’t always paint a true picture.

Alex Latham

Managing Director, Latham's Steel Doors

Andy’s attention to detail and knowledge is second to none. I was delighted by how quickly he was able to understand our business goals and then create a list of strategies and deliverables that aligned perfectly with them. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Digital Quokka to anyone, except my competitors!

Max O'Neill

Marketing Manager, UK Roller Shutters Ltd

Andy was recommended to assist on an SEO project for a start-up. Andy has exceeded all expectations, producing a tailored plan for our needs whilst being flexible along the way suggesting new priorities to help us better achieve our objectives, delivering when he says he will and always on hand for expert knowledge and advice. Andy is an excellent communicator and teacher on all things SEO! I will be reaching out to Andy for future SEO expertise!

Faye Pendall

Marketing Communications Consultant, Ludum


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