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Templates and lists to get the most out of the categoriser


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Great – you’re using the tool! In order to be even more efficient, I have started to upload pre-configured lists you can use to help categorise your keywords. There are two different types of downloads:


1) Categoriser lists. These are simple list CSVs you can use to plug into the category columns to either flag irrelevent keywords or categorise them by whatever ths list is. For example, you may download a CSV of every country in the world and use it to get rid of/categorise all of the keywords in your keyword universe against countries.


2) Dataform templates. These are templates we have used before to categorise certain industries. For example, you may find our “clothing retail store” template is all set up and ready for you to use to quickly categorise your keyword list for a retail client.

Dataform Templates



(I haven’t made any templates yet – but will be looking to make dataform templates for clothing websites and sentiment analysis categorisation in the short term. If you have other requests or you make your own which you think will be useful, please send them in)


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