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Since working with Andy over 4 years ago, what stands out is his ability to mould and flex into the different marketing roles when required. Although an extremely knowledgeable SEO specialist, Andy now also looks after our Paid campaigns too. Something else 99% of digital marketers don’t seem to look into are the overall knock-on effects to the business, where Andy has an ‘open-eyed’ approach with a goal to benefit the company he is working with, not just aim to data and stats which don’t always paint a true picture.

Alex Latham

Managing Director, Latham's Steel Doors

Andy’s attention to detail and knowledge is second to none. I was delighted by how quickly he was able to understand our business goals and then create a list of strategies and deliverables that aligned perfectly with them. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Digital Quokka to anyone, except my competitors!

Max O'Neill

Marketing Manager, UK Roller Shutters Ltd

Andy was recommended to assist on an SEO project for a start-up. Andy has exceeded all expectations, producing a tailored plan for our needs whilst being flexible along the way suggesting new priorities to help us better achieve our objectives, delivering when he says he will and always on hand for expert knowledge and advice. Andy is an excellent communicator and teacher on all things SEO! I will be reaching out to Andy for future SEO expertise!

Faye Pendall

Marketing Communications Consultant, Ludum

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